Serveur NodeJS principal de X-Cockpit - Nuit de l'Info 2018
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A cockpit for your next missions

Project structure

|-- app.js (main script to start the app)
|-- package.json (metadata and dependencies)
|-- gulpfile.js (specify files to watch)
|-- models
	|-- db.js (to connect to database)
	|-- users.js (define users contenttype)
|-- routes
	|-- index.js (specify routes for the app)
|-- controllers
	|-- index.js (for homepage)
	|-- users.js (for users contenttype)
|-- views
	|-- users (templates for users contenttype)
	|-- partials (templates called with 'include')
	|-- layout (templates called with 'extends')
	|-- something.html (any template used by Nunjucks)
	|-- ...
|-- public
	|-- assets (any css, js or img that need to be publicly accessible)


You must have nodejs and mongodb installed on your system, verify with :

node --version && mongo --version

Go into root folder and enter the following line in your terminal :

npm install

Install gulp (and associated components) :

npm install --global gulp gulp-cli gulp-rename gulp-clean-css gulp-minify

Launch project

You may start the project with

node app

or use Gulp automation so that any modifications to files will reload the app and minify assets :


Your project is accessible at localhost:3000.

About design

Various documentation